Oscar-winning rapper Juicy J seems to be writing a song for Dogecoin after seemingly buying the top

A few hours ago, the 46-year-old songwriter and record producer Juicy J hinted on Twitter that he might be writing a song for Dogecoin when he mentioned some lyrics referencing the memecoin.

Is Oscar-winning rapper Juicy J writing a Dogecoin song?

Before this news, quite a few followers said they wanted him to record such a mix. And that this track can become a hit with the theme related to DOGE. Because the Oscar-winning rapper is the owner of hits like “Dark Horse” performed by Katy Perry and “I Don’t Mind” by Usher. He also flirted with the Dogecoin team for quite some time.

At the beginning of May, he tweeted that he had invested in a high-flying cryptocurrency; he tweeted about “a bag” on the high-flying cryptocurrency, joining the list of celebrities who have bought into the canine craze.

At that time, notably, this happened just a few days before the parody cryptocurrency saw an epic crash following Elon Musk’s “Saturday Night Live” debut. On May 8, DOGE price spiked to $0.73 but then collapsed by nearly 72% in less than two weeks. However, this did not dampen the rapper’s enthusiasm. He’s still Team Doge despite having bought the top.


Dogecoin is not the only speculative cryptocurrency that has caught the attention of Juicy J. Rapper also promotes Safemoon to 2.7 million followers. Other hip-hop artists, such as Meek Mill, also have a penchant for memecoin. The “Going Bad” rapper has informed his 10.8 million Twitter followers about finally grabbing some Dogecoin after growing tired of missing out.


Source: Meek Mill

It’s not surprising that hip-hop stars are FOMOing in. Dogecoin is having a blockbuster period, sometimes surpassing XRP by market cap. At the moment, XRP and Dogecoin are in 6th and 7th positions on CoinMarketCap rankings. DOGE is changing hands at $0.29.

Dogecoin may have started out as a joke poking fun at an industry that takes itself way too seriously. But 2021 has seen it morph into something quite serious. In part, this was driven by the dizzy heights it managed to reach in early May, when, for a brief moment, its near $90 billion market cap made it more valuable than established legacy giants including British American Tobacco and General Motors.

Nonetheless, in a bid to recapture its glory days, the newly established Dogecoin team, which consists of a mixture of old and new faces, including co-founder Billy Markus, is resurrecting the Dogecoin Foundation. What’s more, in a show of ambition for what they hope to achieve, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin joins as a board advisor.

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