Orderly Network announces token airdrop alongside summer launch of points program

Orderly Network, a decentralized trading infrastructure protocol, has unveiled its points program ahead of its scheduled token launch later this summer.

According to Orderly Network’s announcement on Monday, the points program, named “Merits,” will commence next week. Users will have the opportunity to earn Merits, which can later be converted into the Orderly Network token upon its launch. Ran Yi, co-founder and CEO, declined to provide details on the conversion ratio due to the program’s flexible design, including its end date.

Orderly Network will conduct multiple airdrop snapshots as part of its points and airdrop campaign dubbed “The Road to The Order.” Yi stated, “We currently anticipate having more than 10 epochs for the campaign, each lasting approximately one week.” He explained that each epoch serves as a snapshot for participants in “The Road to The Order,” with certain epochs offering more Merits based on ongoing activities within the Orderly Network during the campaign.

Regarding the Orderly Network token, Yi disclosed that the total token supply will be 1 billion. He declined to reveal the ticker symbol to prevent potential misuse before the official launch. Additionally, Yi refrained from commenting on the percentage of the token’s total supply allocated for airdrops but assured that it would be a significant portion. He emphasized that the majority of the token supply would be distributed to the community, with the airdrop playing a key role in this distribution.

It’s worth noting that “The Road to The Order” campaign only applies to Orderly’s Ethereum Virtual Machine chains and traders, including Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. While NEAR traders are excluded from the campaign, their activities during the campaign period still contribute to the airdrop.

Yi confirmed, “Trading through NEAR before and during The Road to The Order will still qualify those traders for the Orderly Network airdrop.” He added that “At the end of the day, all traders on Orderly from the very beginning through the launch of the Orderly token will receive a portion of the airdrop.”

There are no unlock schedules for Orderly’s investors, who include prominent backers such as Sequoia China, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly, and Jump Crypto. Orderly Network, incubated in 2021 by Near and Woo Network, offers trading infrastructure for decentralized exchanges. While Near Blockchain remains central to Orderly, the company plans to develop an omnichain protocol in the future, supporting both EVM and non-EVM chains.

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