Onecoin’s leaked documents: Ruja Ignatova’s passport and Arens’ contract

Documents leaked from allegedly vacant offices of Bulgaria’s headquarters of the notorious OneCoin Currency Network, in which millions of people lost money. One of the documents is the passport of OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova, who has been missing for nearly a year and a half. The contract that OneCoin has made with former CEO of Pierre Arens is currently being forgotten.

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Arens is said to be an educated professional with a background in banking, international and capital markets, who was negotiating the position of CEO of OneCoin.

From December 2016 to March 2017, Arens worked through and was paid by Sandstone SA. A company in Luxembourg operated by CEO Frank Schneider. Schneider will then be abandoned by Konstantin Ignatov as a key figure in OneCoin’s money laundering activities.

Under the contract, Arens will be appointed as the CEO of OneCoin after March 14, 2017. However, OneCoin did not announce the appointment of Arens until May 2017.

Arens’ salary was not low: $ 62,500 monthly. If he completed the contract, he would also be credited with a € 5 million reward. For OneCoin, though, it was a shambles: they were supposed to raise around four billion euros worldwide through payments into the money network.

Not only did Ruja Ignatova’s passport reveal that she was actually born in Russia, Arens’s contract also revealed that OneCoin had partnered with Moscow Afroco to partner. It is an association of Russian government agencies and ministries, businesses and organizations representing Russian economic interests in sub-Saharan Africa.

It is not known why the Russian company Afrocom will try to join a company of Bulgarian origin (the company has been trading mostly from tax havens such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Belize and Luxembourg).

Ruja Ignatova from the hope of selling OneCoin will never come true. When the authorities closed, Ignatova abandoned OneCoin and fled in October 2017. That same month, Pierre Arens gave up the position of CEO of OneCoin. This happened intentionally in the context of Arens’ mental breakdown.

To this day, Arens has not revealed publicly why he left OneCoin. He also does not show regret for the thousands of fraud victims.

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