OneCoin Supreme Leader Konstantin Ignatov may soon be released

According to AZCoin News, The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) reached a criminal agreement with Konstantin Ignatov in the investigation of OneCoin Ltd., a virtual money project based in Bulgaria, which was reached on October 4.

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Konstantin Ignatov, OneCoin Supreme Leader

Ignatov is the younger brother of OneCoin co-founder, Ruja Ignatov, who was dubbed the “Cryptoqueen” as the Boss of the fraudulent multi-level cryptocurrency line of more than $ 4 billion.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ignatov will not face other allegations if related to OneCoin, except for possible tax violations. Ignatov faces 90 years in prison. Details of Ignatov’s guilty plea have been made public.

OneCoin Konstantin Ignatov may soon be released

However, in a recent email with the Norwegian press, OneCoin’s lawyer Per Danielsen stated that Ignatov could soon be released.

Danielsen has represented OneCoin in Norway for a while but he previously stated that OneCoin has no business in Norway, even though at least 5000 OneCoin affiliate investors were recorded at that time (2017).

Following a recent legal event in the US, specifically the money laundering trial for Mark Scott and Konstantin Ignatov working with US authorities, the Norwegian press requested comment from Danielsen.

Mark Scott was found guilty of laundering 400 million euros to OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova. Scott was paid 50 million euros to wash the money attached to OneCoin.

However, Danielsen made the disclaimer arguments:

“Ignatov has never claimed that Onecoin is a scam. He only testified against Scott (U.S.) Attorney Scott and stated that the lawyer committed wire fraud, which meant transferring money between states in the United States without permission”.

Incredible. He claimed that has no connection with Onecoin. Even more surprising, Danielsen stated that Konstantin Ignatov, who pleaded guilty to four counts, will soon be released.

Ignatov is currently being released because he cooperated with the prosecutor’s office in the United States. Therefore, he does not need to be jointly responsible for Onecoin, and will probably be released soon.

Although many agents publicly declared OneCoin to be a scam and the entire DOJ lawsuit against Mark Scott was based on this fact, when asked about that, Danielsen replied, “You are wrong. The U.S. prosecutor didn’t make clear what you were referring to. The testimony of tax authorities’ employees in that direction is not evidence. It was just the employee’s mind. In fact, it is not as important as the news reports. ”

So, Konstantin Ignatov is likely to be released. And Mark Scott was convicted for laundering 400 million of the stolen OneCoin investment fund, but this case has nothing to do with OneCoin. This is not entirely a fraudulent activity, although it is the basis of the lawsuit that DOJ is carrying out against both Scott and Ignatov.

Community feedback

When Per Danielsen stated that he was not related to the scam coin and Ignatov could be about to be released, the community raised the question of whether Danielsen was really a lawyer?

“Per Danielsen should absolutely be investigated for lying publicly in the newspaper about the case of the US Federal Court to support a multi-billion dollar scam coin.”

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Another user said:

“The unscrupulous and cynical lying is probably the reason why Per Danielsen is the “go-to lawyer” for OneCoin. Lawyers just usually stretch the facts and laws, and try to spin them in the most favorable light possible for the client even if strains credulity – but not that many are willing to go as far as inventing fables completely unmoored from reality.”

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Earlier in November, this user also questioned the conflict between Ignatov’s pleading guilty and Scott’s previous testimony:

“Mark Scott’s defense is arguing that Konstantin lied or misjudged the facts regarding Scott’s visit to Sofia’s office because the emails showed Irina Dilkinska was not in Sofia at the time as Konstantin said”.

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