One Twitter user recently declared that they recovered all their lost Bitcoin from a hard drive that caught on fire in 2011

Bitcoin price beats every other class of financial assets as prices rise and FOMO spreads. It seems that this has hurt more for those who have lost Bitcoin in the past than recently, prompting them to try again to try to recover their BTC holding. And the FOMO today lies in someone spreading the news that a total of $ 240 million worth of BTC is locked with only two password entries. However, in another development, someone had a much happier ending.

The hard drive containing Bitcoin is recovered, the man suddenly becomes a millionaire

News every week about Bitcoin’s price reaching new unimaginable highs has previously dominated the waves for months. The staggering rise of cryptocurrencies in 2020 has been buzzing by the end of the year, and by 2021 FOMO has gone into overdrive.

Things might temporarily cool down for now, but new interest and media attention then brought Bitcoin back to the forefront of not only investors’ minds, but also the masses. have lost BTC for years.

As AZCoin News reported, the cryptocurrency pioneer and former Ripple CTO is about to lose more than 7,000 BTC if he keeps entering the wrong password twice. This sad man is not the only one who has lost their crypto over the years, often by misplacing a private key or seed phrase or losing access to a hard drive or USB wallet.

However, not all stories have such a wicked end. A Twitter user recently stated that they were nearly recovering all of their lost BTC from a hard drive that caught fire in 2011.

They then revealed that their endeavors were successful and that they are now a millionaire.

Blockchain data firm Chainalysis surmises that nearly 20% of the entire circulating supply has been lost, based on stagnant wallets dating back to the early days of cryptocurrencies. At that time, Bitcoin was practically worthless, and few could imagine what it would eventually become today.

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