OKX Resolves Security Flaw in iOS App, Safeguarding User Assets

On December 19, OKX exchange made a significant announcement, revealing the discovery and timely mitigation of a security vulnerability within its iOS application. Reports suggest that this vulnerability had the potential to impact third-party service providers associated with OKX.

However, the exchange promptly identified and resolved the issue, reassuring users that no instances of damage or loss of assets have been recorded. In their official statement, OKX emphasized that they’ve successfully completed the necessary upgrades to rectify the situation, confirming that customer assets remained unaffected.

“The fix has been deployed to iOS version 6.45.0,” OKX stated, urging users to update their applications immediately to the latest version, 6.45.0, to ensure the flaw is addressed comprehensively.

Despite the swift resolution, OKX continues to advise users to exercise caution and diligence, emphasizing the importance of updating the iOS application to the latest version to patch the vulnerability completely.

CertiK, a cybersecurity firm, also stepped forward regarding the incident, affirming their role in detecting and alerting OKX to the issue.

Data from DefiLlama further highlights OKX’s prominence in the crypto realm. As the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, trailing only behind Binance, OKX boasts a daily spot trading volume of $2.4 billion and holds a substantial $12.2 billion in customer assets.

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