OKCoin officially delisted Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV)

While Bitcoin surged past a market cap of $ 1 trillion, two forks of the world’s top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV lost their source of liquidity when exchange OKCoin delisted these two coins.

OKCoin officially delisted BCH and BSV

Hong Fang, CEO of OKCoin, explained the delisting decision was because he wanted to focus on protecting investors from current misinformation and confusion.

Fang says that the exchange regularly reviews assets listed on multiple indices. These two coins have shown red signs of morality and bad reputation lately. OKCoin is obliged to have good responsibility to investors by eliminating BCH and BSV.

Fang shared more about the annoyance that Craig Wright – Bitcoin’s famous self-proclaimed and advocate of BSV, is taking actions to enforce the copyright claims on Bitcoin’s white paper.

The company believes that Bitcoin is open software, both individual disagreements, and hard forks are allowed in the open software landscape, but in the end, we only have difficulty with malicious misinformation harm done by Craig Wright and other senior members of the BCH and BSV community.

OKCoin is incorporated in the US and trades $ 50 million daily, with the BTC / USD pair taking up 70% of the volume. Before the announcement, BSV accounted for just $ 30,000 in volume and $ 150,000 in BCH, both in a lower range among the 32 assets OKCoin offers.

BCH had a year of ups and downs leading to delisting. The coin has been removed from the list of top 10 assets by market capitalization. BSV had a tougher year than when trading down 21% to $ 241, Craig Wright’s dramas were the main reason why BSV was slowly sinking into the crypto market.

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