Oasys partners with SBI VC Trade to improve user experience and expand market reach

SBI VC Trade Co., Ltd., a virtual currency exchange based in Japan, has announced a business alliance with Oasys Pte. Ltd., a development company in Singapore that leads the Oasys project. The partnership aims to spread the use of Oasys-issued tokens, “Oasis (OAS)” and “Oasys Network” in Japan, and contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain games.

Oasys is a blockchain built for gaming IP holders and gamers based on the concept of “Blockchain for The Games”. By adopting the consensus building algorithm PoS (Proof of Stake), Oasys will eliminate the transaction fee (Gas fee) for game players, which has been a major issue so far, and speed up the transaction process.

Japan’s largest game company and Web3-related companies are participating in the Oasys project, including Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco Labs, GREE, bitFlyer, and Astar. Softbank also participated as a validator for the Oasys network in February.

In relation to the partnership with Oasys, SBI VC Trade plans to support the Oasys network with its own “SBI Web3 Wallet”. This will allow users’ crypto assets (virtual currency) and Japanese yen to be automatically exchanged, improving usability when purchasing in-game items NFT and expanding the user base.

Tomohiko Kondo, Managing Director of SBI VC Trade Co., Ltd., said that through this business alliance with Oasys, the use of “SBI Web3 Wallet” will contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain games that Oasys is aiming for. He also expressed the company’s commitment to cooperating with the participating companies of the Oasys network and contributing to the development of GameFi and Web3 through the expansion of users of blockchain games.

In addition, SBI VC Trade is working to handle OAS tokens on its virtual currency exchange, subject to the approval of the Japan Crypto Asset Exchange Association, and responding to the NFT marketplace “SBINFT Market” as an international market maker. The company also plans to cooperate with SBI Group companies, such as providing liquidity in B2C2.

Daiki Moriyama, director of Oasys, expressed his pleasure at the partnership with the SBI Group, which he described as a strong ecosystem partner essential for the mass adoption of blockchain games. He also stated that Oasys aims to transition to a fully DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) by 2028, allowing holders of the original token OAS to participate in various decision-making regarding the project.

Oasys officially launched the project in December 2022, and this partnership with SBI VC Trade marks a significant step towards achieving its goals. With the backing of Japan’s largest game company and Web3-related companies, Oasys is well-positioned to drive the mass adoption of blockchain games in Japan and beyond.

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