Now cryptocurrency projects will easier to listing with Coinbase Asset Hub

The US largest crypto exchange Coinbase has announced a new platform designed to help issuers list their assets more efficiently and possibly without having to go through the cumbersome listing process currently employed by the exchange.

Surojit Chatterjee, CTO of Coinbase said, “Coinbase Asset Hub is a simple, streamlined product for issuers to list their assets and business with the exchange. Asset Hub will streamline the asset listing process today, and expand the number of services offered to digital asset issuers in the months to come. The goal is a single interface at Coinbase for digital asset issuers to manage the full lifecycle of their assets.

Coinbase Effect

Some in the industry consider a Coinbase listing to be the gold standard for cryptocurrency projects. Given its retail-facing nature, Coinbase is widely considered as the most accessible onramp from fiat to crypto. A listing on the exchange means a coin becomes, theoretically, available to a more significant number of buyers. It also gains the exposure and stamp of approval from a compliant American exchange.

The Coinbase Effect first became apparent in 2017, five years after its launch, when the exchange listed Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Both coins prices doubled after getting listed on Coinbase—coining the phrase.

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