NIM Network Distributes Tokens to DYM Stakers in Latest Airdrop

NIM Network, a blockchain platform dedicated to AI gaming, has announced the launch of its Genesis Rolldrop program. The initiative is set to distribute a generous 9% of its token supply, amounting to 90 million NIM, in an airdrop to over 500,000 eligible wallets. Of this, a substantial 50 million NIM is earmarked for wallets currently staking on Dymension (DYM).

The airdrop extends beyond stakers, with eligibility criteria encompassing:

  • Members of gaming communities such as Parallel, Pirate Nation, AI Arena, and TODAY The Game.
  • Holders of NFTs like Pudgy Penguins, 9dcc, and WolvesDAO.
  • Individuals who have interacted with infrastructure and community fundraising projects like Ocean, Olas Network, and Gitcoin.

Participants can preview their allocation, mirroring the proactive approach of past airdrops from Celestia and Dymension, where tokens were directly sent to qualifying wallets without requiring any action from the users.

NIM Network stands out as the first RollApp deployed on Dymension, a pioneering modular blockchain within the Cosmos infrastructure. RollApps, developed using Dymension’s RDK tool, are appchains that inherit the security, liquidity, and connectivity benefits of the Dymension Hub. This integration ensures that all RollApps can leverage the advantages of the broader Dymension Hub, streamlining the user experience across multiple applications.

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