NFTeam is integrating Chainlink VRF to create Tiny Boxes

NFTeam is using Chainlink VRF to create Tiny Boxes, randomized & animated generative art pieces that, from creation to curation, exist fully on-chain for collectors to enjoy. They will also use Chainlink price oracles for minting pieces w/ crypto.

According to the announcement on July 24, the Tiny Boxes minting contract will include a new feature allowing users to create their art pieces using either ETH or LINK tokens, allowing greater accessibility and ease of minting for collectors.
Taking inspiration from Autoglyphs, the earliest pioneer of on chain generative NFT art, and Avastars, a generative avatar project with all art on-chain in SVG form, Tiny Boxes are randomly generated pieces of immutable, animated art. Tiny Boxes pushes the envelope slightly further by adding animation features which can be retrieved fully from the chain. These will be the first animated on chain tokens to exist as NFTs. The distinction between the above projects and many other NFT projects is that the actual token art will exist as long as Ethereum. To put another way, even without the creators or the original web page, the entire art pieces will be retrievable, forever, from the main chain. Collectors will be able to fetch the SVG code in it’s entirety directly from the contract.
Chainlink is a key integration towards keeping Tiny Boxes fully on-chain. Chainlink VRF in particular is a crucial cog in the minting contract, allowing for secure randomness to determine the features of each Box, as well as for users to verify on-chain that their NFTs were generated with the supplied randomness seed. Though there are other on-chain randomness options, such as using block hash as a seed, these solutions can be manipulated and biased.
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