NFT: “The woman with the bouquet in her hand” reached 2,021 ETH at Opensea

Dozens of cryptocurrency mining centers were shuttered last month in Southwest China’s Sichuan province in the wake of a June 18 clean-up notice from local authorities as the country intensified its crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and mining. Sichuan is China’s second-biggest Bitcoin mining province, where most miners take advantage of the mountainous region’s abundant sources of hydropower to run their electricity-hungry computers.

On May 3, an ethnic Tibetan woman in Sichuan province’s Heishui county holds parts of a cryptocurrency mining machine that was sent from Xinjiang for local installation, including power cords that look like a bouquet of flowers. Such machines are now being deactivated following China’s recent ban on crypto mining | Source: Caixin Global.

After the articles of Caixin has released, the pictures sparked heated discussions, and the highest price of related NFTs at Opensea reached 2,021 ETH.

Caixin’s article “China Says Goodbye to Bitcoin Mining” recorded the closure of Sichuan Bitcoin mining farms through several pictures. Among them, a picture recorded a Tibetan woman carrying a mining machine.

Source: Opensea

The picture recorded the historic moment when the Bitcoin mining farms in Sichuan was closed here, and resembled the well-known oil painting “The Gleaners”, so it quickly went viral in Chinese community.

At present, the picture has been uploaded to Opensea in the form of NFT after the second creation, and the price is roughly ranging from a few to a dozen ETH. Among them, the highest price is 2,021 ETH, and there is no one bidding.

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