NFT Sales Surge: Latest Data Shows Impressive Growth

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been making headlines in recent months, and the latest data from CryptoSlam shows that their popularity is not slowing down. According to the NFT data providing platform, NFT weekly sales as of the 8th were $148.2 million, up 8.74% from the previous week. At the same time, the number of traders also increased significantly, with 652,820 NFT buyers recorded over the past week, marking a 20.75% increase from the previous week.

The report also showed that Ethereum remains the leading blockchain for NFT sales, accounting for 72% of the market share. Ethereum NFT sales increased by 30% from the previous week to $108.05 million. The number of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain remained the same as the previous week at 180,000, but the number of buyers increased by 40% to 180,000.

Solana, which maintains its second place in market share, saw a decline in sales by more than half from the previous week to $10.6 million. However, the number of buyers increased by 18% to 82,523. The Mythos Chain from Mythos Games has risen to third place, while Polygon and ImmutableX took fourth and fifth places.

The report also highlighted the top-selling NFT collections for the week. Azuki, a Japanese-themed NFT collection, took the top spot, with sales skyrocketing by 530% to $11.99 million. The Boring Monkey Yacht Club (BAYC) took second place, with sales volume increasing by 58% to $10.7 million. In third place was Mitos-based DMarket, with a total of $6.94 million sold. The NFTs that set the highest sales record last week were BAYC #811 ($620,000), Sandbox Land #139686 ($580,000), and BAYC #6774 ($500,000).

In terms of NFT marketplaces, DappRadar reported that the top three by trading volume for the week were Blur, Open, and X2Y2, recording $106.99 million, $25.79 million, and $6.79 million respectively. However, the number of traders on these platforms showed a decrease, with Blur experiencing a 40% drop to 10,524 traders and OpenCity seeing a decrease of 17% to 128,730 traders.

NFTs have been growing in popularity among collectors and investors, and the latest data shows that the trend is continuing to gain momentum. As more people become interested in NFTs and their potential as an investment, it will be interesting to see how this market develops in the coming months.

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