NFT Marketplace Blur Announces Mobile Access for Purchasing NFTs

On March 13th, NFT marketplace Blur announced that it would support mobile access for purchasing NFTs as a part of its market expansion. According to the demonstration video posted on Blur’s official Twitter account, users can access the Blur website through a mobile wallet that supports DApp connection and purchase NFTs.

Since the announcement, user feedback has been pouring in. According to some users, the mobile web page function of Blur is not working perfectly, and there have been reports that it is not working on some iOS phones. However, overall, the user response has been positive.

Delphi Digital, an NFT investment research institution, praised Blur’s move to support mobile access, calling it a response to users’ core demands and a demonstration of deep understanding of the NFT market. Blur officials have also responded proactively to user feedback, saying that they are actively developing the features that users have mentioned.

Meanwhile, according to data from DeFi Llama, the lock-up volume of Blur’s bidding pool fell below $100 million over the weekend due to the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) scandal. However, in the past two days, it has recovered and is currently recording $112 million.

The announcement of mobile access to Blur’s marketplace for purchasing NFTs is a significant move for the company as it expands its customer base and increases accessibility for users. As the NFT market continues to grow rapidly, it is expected that more NFT marketplaces will follow suit and provide mobile access to their platforms.

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