Newman Group’s Strategic Investment in Conflux Network Paves the Way for Blockchain Innovation in Hong Kong

In a groundbreaking move that has sent ripples through the world of blockchain technology, the Newman Group has officially announced its strategic investment in Conflux Network. This partnership holds the promise of transforming Hong Kong’s enterprise blockchain landscape and heralds a new era of innovation in the region.

Since its mainnet launch in 2020, China-based Conflux Network has rapidly risen to prominence as a pioneer in the realm of enterprise blockchain solutions. Its impressive track record includes securing major partnerships with renowned brands, media outlets, enterprises, and prestigious universities, such as DFS, Unilever, McDonald’s China, 解放日报, 浙江卫视, iQIYI, and Tsinghua University. Moreover, Conflux has continued to strengthen its position in the market by joining forces with other notable entities like Little Red Book (小红书) and China Telecom.

One of the major challenges in the blockchain space has always been scalability, and Newman Group, recognizing this critical issue, has chosen to join forces with Conflux Network to address it.

Newman Group has a clear vision for the future. Their goal is to shape the decentralized web and drive innovation in the business world. Through this strategic investment in Conflux Network, they aim to harness the power of blockchain technology to benefit the businesses and enterprises of Hong Kong.

In 2023, Conflux Network will expand its operations to Hong Kong and establish its headquarters at the Hong Kong Cyberport, while also becoming one of the incubated enterprises at this prestigious location. Through this strategic investment, Newman Group and Conflux are committed to providing consultation and formulating strategies, processes, and technological infrastructure for businesses in Hong Kong, thereby fostering the flourishing growth of the Web3 industry in the region.

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