New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority issued scam warning against Skyway Capital and New Economic Evolution of the World

Recently, the financial market agency of New Zealand issued a fraud warning to Skyway Capital and the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW). In particular, FMA once warned the public about Skyway Capital in July 2018.


The form of Skyway mobilization can be a form of transnational fraud

Skyway is an international conglomerate established in the Republic of Belarus with many registered business names, including Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems holding, first registered in London, then transferred to the British Virgin Islands, or First SkyWay Invest Group Limited is currently registered in London. The label of a company founded in the UK can lead many people to believe in the power and operation of the business. But, in the UK, the registration of a company does not encounter many complicated procedures.

Also, in 2017, the homepage of Belgian financial and market service agency FSMA warned, Skyway Capital, i.e., First SkyWay Invest Group Limited, offered shares to Belgian investors. Still, the company’s financial statements This has not been approved by FSMA. Therefore, this offering is illegal in Belgium. Besides, Skyway’s form of operation has the features of a pyramid scheme. The Belgian financial and market service bureau advises people not to follow the offer of investment and transfer money to any Skyway account.

At the end of 2018, Greek and German authorities also spoke about the phenomenon of Skyway Capital raising capital through an illegal share offering. Notice from the Greek authorities confirmed that Skyway’s actions are only to attract the public, not legal securities investment activities.

By January 2019, the name First SkyWay Invest Group Limited continued to be warned by the Central Bank of Slovakia with similar signs to the above countries.

By July 2019, Skyway Capital’s operations were beyond Europe and recorded in New Zealand, an Australian country, also with accusations of unauthorized capital mobilization. Beware of warnings from many European countries; New Zealand authorities warn people that Skyway’s mobilization could be a form of transnational fraud.

New Zealand FMA adds Skyway Capital & NEEW to its warning list

New Zealand FMA today added New Economic Evolution of the World and Mana Atua Mana Maori and Sovereign Global Bank of Aotearoa to its warning list. The New Zealand regulator has advised operating with caution when dealing with the two entities due to concerns they may be involved in or operating a scam.

Besides, the New Zealand regulator found that the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW) website lists bank account number in the name of the third party in Russia.

As AZCoin News mentioned above, the FMA warned the public back in July 2019 and July 2018 against Skyway offering financial services in New Zealand without being registered as a financial service provider in New Zealand. Both, Skyway and RSW Investment Group Ltd are not registered as financial service providers and are not permitted to provide financial services to New Zealand residents.

The FMA has also founded warnings about Skyway from regulators in Belgium, Lithuania, and Estonia. The New Zealand watchdog is also concerned that Mana Atua Mana Maori and Sovereign Global Bank of Aotearoa may be operating a scam. The entity’s website,, is not registered to provide financial services and Sovereign Global Bank of Aotearoa is not a registered bank in New Zealand.

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