Nearly 2 million Dogecoin (DOGE) have been shifted by anonymous wallets

According to some news and several recent tweets on the @DogeWhaleAlert platform, over the past 24 hours, almost 2 million DOGE have been transferred. This massive amount of Dogecoin was moved in merely three transactions.

1.7 million Dogecoin (DOGE) on the move

DogeWhaleAlert is the platform that tracks the movements of large Dogecoin transactions. The abovementioned tracker of DOGE transactions has spotted three astounding transfers of the biggest meme cryptocurrency, two of which carried 800,000,000 Dogecoin and one which shoveled 100,000,000 DOGE.

Each 800 million DOGE transfer is worth $57,970,400 at the present exchange rate. The 100 million lump of Dogecoin is the equivalent of $7,729,600. Thus, the total value shifted in DOGE was evaluated at $7,729,600.

The transactions were made at tiny fees that no bank in the former or present days could beat: $0.16, $0.08, and $0.058 per transfer.

According to an earlier tweet by @DogeWhaleAlert, at the moment, the popular investment app Robinhood holds a jaw-dropping amount of Dogecoin—actually storing 40,138,384,632 tokens. This is evaluated at $2,892,291,720 and comprises 30.25% of the total circulating supply of the cryptocurrency.

Earlier, the crypto trading giant FTX exchange was reportedly considered buying Robinhood. The report on this data was published by Bloomberg. The platform’s stocks, HOOD, soared by over 18% on the news. This rumor, however, was rejected by FTX later.

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