Nearly 1 trillion of Shiba Inu were moved to an anonymous address from a Shiba staking service

A transaction involving an astonishing number of Shiba Inu (SHIB) — nearly 1 trillion of this meme coin. They were transferred from a Shiba staking service to an unidentified address.

The source reports that 800,215,912,624 Shiba Inu were transferred from a Shiba staking contract to a secret cryptocurrency wallet. The comparable amount in US dollars is $8,230,620 in SHIB.

Shibarium beta Puppynet was released a week ago, and it has now come to light that it is a clone of a fork of the Rinia network, which has upset the Shiba Inu community. Both networks have the same ChainID number.

Following the main founder of Shiba Inu, known by the alias Ryoshi, quitting all the projects and deleting his social media accounts, many SHIB users and stakers have begun requesting explanations from lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, who is in charge of the SHIB, Shibarium, and Shib Metaverse projects.

The same ChainID does not imply anything because Puppynet is a beta, and there will be further testnets after that to correct all the discovered flaws, according to Kusama, who refuted all the claims about the “clone” in the Shibarium Tech Telegram chat channel.

He added that many Shibians have been trying to discredit him recently by labeling him a scammer and threatening to reveal his identity on social media. Using SHIB and Kusama’s names to push other meme ventures to profit afterward, Kusama retorted that this was being done.

He claims that they have recently been dumping a lot of BONE in an effort to panic the market. Several users had previously unstaken their BONE because of the unrest in the Shiba Inu ecosystem; $5 million worth of these meme coins were unstaked from a BONE staking contract, similar to SHIB, as previously revealed.

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