NEAR Protocol has integrated Chainlink’s data oracles to its Open Web Ecosystem

Blockchain platform NEAR Protocol has integrated Chainlink live on testnet. NEAR developers can now use Chainlink’s large collection of secure nodes, external adapters for premium APIs, Price Reference Data and more to build universally connected dApps.

NEAR’s team.

According to co-founder Illia Polosukhin, what makes NEAR different from a lot of other blockchains is user-friendliness; the development environment and end-user interface are often challenging and cumbersome.  He said:

“So if you think of gaming applications, many of them have not managed to get to the market because users cannot figure out how to even start playing right now. They need to install stuff and to buy stuff, etc. So we are really focused on building a full stack of tools, but also making sure the developer can really easily onboard users into the platform.”

He also explained the importance of the Chainlink integration:

“Chainlink integration provides NEAR with most versatile oracle network in the market, as well as the ability to connect to any off-chain API. These are key building blocks for connecting Web2 and Open Web environments, which ultimately allows our developers to build a much wider range of applications, ranging from decentralized financial products and NFTs, to asset tokenization and insurance contracts.”

In the future, NEAR may also be using Chainlink’s verifiable randomness function, or VRF. Polosukhin believes that gaming applications present the most immediate use case, pointing out the trouble that the Gods Unchained experienced because Ethereum at the time lacked this functionality.

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