Nansen Launches New Blockchain Data Analytics Platform: Nansen Query

Nansen, a blockchain data analytics platform, has recently announced the launch of Nansen Query, a new tool designed to provide comprehensive data solutions for investors and projects in the cryptocurrency space.

The project claims that Nansen Query is built on the Google Cloud platform and can be integrated into existing technology systems. This solution offers companies access to reliable, secure, highly scalable, and real-time data that can handle extremely large data sets.

Nansen stated that the demand for high-quality on-chain data from investors and the decentralization of data providers are the driving forces behind the creation of the Query tool. With the ability to cover multi-chain data, Query will help crypto companies address issues of time, reliability, and efficiency.

It is worth noting that some cryptocurrency businesses have been operating through Nansen Query for over a year, including Google, OpenSea, and MakerDAO. These projects have integrated Nansen’s tool into their technology.

Karina Qian, Head of Business Analysis at OpenSea, shared her experience with Nansen Query, stating that “We rely on Nansen to collect high-quality, new, and reliable on-chain data. OpenSea can easily integrate them into our data paths for use in detecting anomalies and analyzing the market. This platform is an essential part of our infrastructure and decision-making process.”

In addition, Nansen stated that the new data platform supports popular blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Solana. According to Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen, Query is the platform that project developers use to analyze on-chain data and share it with others. The company will continue to attract more users and cryptocurrency projects to access Nansen’s data and help them make sound investment decisions.

The launch of Nansen Query is significant for the cryptocurrency industry as it offers a comprehensive data solution that can assist investors and companies in making informed investment decisions. With the integration of Nansen Query into existing technology systems, it is expected to provide reliable, secure, and real-time data analysis for crypto businesses. This could potentially lead to more investors and projects entering the market, thereby further strengthening the cryptocurrency industry’s position in the broader financial landscape.

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