Nansen and Google Cloud team up to provide real-time blockchain data for Web3 startups

Nansen, a leading blockchain data analytics platform, has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide real-time, high-quality blockchain data to projects in their new Web3 startup program. This collaboration allows projects in Google Cloud’s Web3 startup program to leverage Nansen’s suite of products to unlock on-chain data and insights, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and navigate uncharted waters in the blockchain space.

The use of on-chain data is becoming increasingly important for data-backed decision-making in the blockchain space. By collecting and studying this data, users can measure sentiment and investor behavior and gain deep insights into capital flows across various ecosystems. Nansen’s platform features dashboards that cover everything from tokens to DeFi and even NFTs, all powered by real-time on-chain data enriched by over 250 million wallet labels.

Through this partnership, projects in the Web3 startup program will have access to Nansen Query, which enables teams to write their own queries and generate their own insights from Nansen’s unique and comprehensive datasets. Leading industry names, such as OpenSea and MakerDAO, are already utilizing Nansen Query for various purposes, including user segmentation, market trend monitoring, competitor analysis, and powering their own in-house business intelligence dashboards.

Nansen’s participation in Google Cloud’s Web3 startup program builds on their experience as participants of the Google for Startups Cloud Program for two years. Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that “although the transparency of blockchain data has created new paradigms of what’s possible, it is often underutilized due to the complexity, effort, and cost required to manage and curate it. By providing these teams with access to our data and expertise, we aim to help create winners in the space who can onboard the next billion users.”

James Tromas, Engineering Director, Web3 at Google Cloud, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting the growth of the Web3 ecosystem, stating that “by teaming up with Web3 innovators like Nansen, we can offer unique benefits including technical resources, access to community, and discounts to Web3 startups so they can build and scale their projects.”

With this partnership, projects in Google Cloud’s Web3 startup program can access real-time on-chain data and insights from Nansen’s suite of products, allowing them to make data-backed decisions and gain a competitive edge in the blockchain space.

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