Nakamoto Games Launches Arcade Emporium NFTs: A New Era of Gaming Ownership

Nakamoto Games, a premier play-to-earn platform, has recently announced the launch of its newest service, the Arcade Emporium NFTs. This new service puts the ownership of 160 blockchain games into the hands of community members. The company is excited to announce that the first Arcade Emporium NFT is the all-time great of the arcade gaming world, Brawler Master.

Brawler Master is a fast-paced fighting game that challenges players to bring law and order to the streets by taking on endless waves of criminals. The game boasts slick 3-D graphics, addictive fighting mechanics, and the enticement to beat high scores. The Nakamoto Games team was inspired by the community, who were clamoring for a fighting game, and thus decided to switch the first Arcade Emporium NFT from Goal Rush, a soccer game, to Brawler Master.

The launch is scheduled for Thursday, March 2, 2023, at 10:00 AM UTC. The price of Brawler Master will be 30,000 NAKA, and there will only be one NFT available for purchase, which grants the sole rights to all commissions every time a game of Brawler Master is played. This presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone to become a promoter, an advertiser, or an entrepreneur. With a good marketing strategy, the owner can generate enormous yields from this digital asset, all while using the established Nakamoto Games brand to make the game popular.

The Nakamoto Games team believes that Arcade Emporium is an excellent passive income opportunity that puts all the power in the hands of the NAKAFAM community. Furthermore, the community will benefit from all the hype generated by dozens of independent promoters, leading to larger prize pools, higher value for $NAKA, and potentially more tournaments and campaigns with massive rewards in the future.

In conclusion, Nakamoto Games’ latest service, Arcade Emporium NFTs, is an exciting development for gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike. With the launch of Brawler Master, the first Arcade Emporium NFT, the company is providing an excellent opportunity for individuals to invest in a digital asset that has the potential to generate significant returns. As the Nakamoto Games brand continues to gain popularity, it is likely that this service will continue to grow, offering even more opportunities for those who wish to participate.

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