Mumbai man steals old company data, demands 2 Bitcoin for alleged mental harassment at the firm

Construction company Rubberwala Housing and Infrastructure has filed a police complaint against a former employee, alleging that he has stolen important data from the company and is demanding a ransom of 2 Bitcoin, worth about 4,725,290.95 Indian Rupees (around $63,332).

Ex-employee steals sensitive data, blackmails firm, and demanding a ransom of 2 Bitcoin

In the complaint, police said the defendant lived in Mumbai, named Ankit Goyal. In it, before leaving, Goyal collected evidence of the company’s money laundering and tax evasion, then he demanded money on the grounds that the company had mental harassment with him.


One of the rare images of Ankit Goyal revealed

Defendant worked at the company in July 2019 and left the company in October 2020 without completing exit procedures, the company alleges.  The accused has also threatened the company to hand over the sensitive data to income tax, Enforcement Directorate (ED), Goods and Services Tax (GST), and civic authorities.

In his message, Goyal stated that he is asking for money to compensate for the alleged mental harassment he experienced while working for the company. Goyal was arrested by Agripada police after the company’s human resources department and chief executive Amit Ranganekar, 39, filed a complaint.

As per the complaint, Goyal was hired by the company in July 2019 as an account executive, but he resigned and left the company in October 2020 without completing exit formalities.

According to the first information report (FIR), the complainant received messages from Goyal in April this year saying that he had sensitive data of the firm with him. And if the company fails to clear his full-and-final settlement and issue him a relieving letter, he would share the same with probing agencies. He allegedly also claimed to use the data to prove money laundering and tax evasion in accordance with regulations.

However, after the full and final settlement was settled and the relieving letter was issued, the accused kept on threatening the firm saying he wanted the company to pay him compensation in 2 Bitcoin for alleged mental harassment.

“Based on the complaint from the company, we have registered a case under sections 381 (theft by an employee), 385 (extortion) of the Indian Penal Code, and section 66B of the Information Technology Act and will soon detect the case”, said senior inspector Shriram Koregaonkar.

“The accused leveled false and baseless allegations against us, hence we decided to take the path of justice. The police are investigating the case and we are hopeful that truth will triumph”, said a spokesperson for the firm.

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