Most dApps users prefer TRON ecosystem at the beginning of 2020

Even though the decentralized applications live on whale-dominated which 60% of dApps were built on Ethereum, it has received bad news at the beginning days of 2020.

It seems like 2020 will be the year of rough competition between Tron and EOS blockchains to get attention from dApp developers and users. While the whole market acts like an oligopoly with 94 % of dApps hosted by Ethereum, EOS, and Tron separately, any breakthrough can affect dApps sector strongly.

Ethereum is losing its lead position

Mike McCarthy, a supporter of Tron and BitTorrent platforms, showing noticeable statistics on his tweet which the share of all daily total dApp users applying the Tron ecosystem was more than 50%. While 20% of these stats belong to Tron directly, the BitTorrent and LINO platforms take the rest of the Tron ecosystem share.


Source: Meta-chart.com

Mr. McCarthy also mentioned on the rumors about the potential SteemIt purchased by Tron. Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation, made the community guessing by his tweet on possible new M&A deal two months ago.

May TRON makes a breakthrough?

Many accounts argued in Mr. McCarthy’s tweet that different platforms have different use-cases, so this breakthrough is somehow unfair. Thus, the steady uptrend of daily users amount shouldn’t be considered a possible sign of commercial success.

In addition, the Tron platform really did well in Q4, 2019 which some dApps influenced by the infamous EOS congestion decided to move thanks to TRON. Therefore, this figure of 50+ % may be one of the first positive milestones for Tron to achieve in 2020.

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