Morgan Stanley predicts Bitcoin price increase amid banking uncertainty

Morgan Stanley Investment Bank recently stated that Bitcoin will rise in price as uncertainty in the banking sector increases.

Despite macroeconomic support factors yesterday, Bitcoin faced resistance at $25,000 but quickly broke through. Meanwhile, DXY reached 105 for the first time since the Silicon Valley bank collapse on March 11th. Market commentator Tedtalksmacro believes this is due to lower euro bond yields leading to a decrease in the EUR, which has pushed DXY higher as it measures the USD.

Bitcoin reserves on exchanges continue to trend upwards, according to findings from CryptoQuant analysts. However, they note that the increase in Bitcoin on exchanges could lead to selling pressure. Coinbase is the only exchange with net outflows in recent days, which could be related to buying pressure from US investors.

Bitcoin dipped to $24,700 after macro data, but quickly climbed to $27,000, up 4.4% in the past 24 hours at the time of writing. BlockchainCenter.net, a blockchain and cryptocurrency data analytics platform, noted that “Bitcoin season is here” as only 13 out of the top 50 cryptocurrencies have outperformed Bitcoin in the past three months.

As the banking collapse spreads, high-risk assets may be at risk of loss in the short term. However, Edward Moya, a senior market analyst at Oanda, said Credit Suisse is a bigger story than Silicon Valley Bank and Wall Street is “extremely worried.”

He added that despite the drop in Bitcoin, it is not significant compared to the pressures that stocks, oil prices, and the euro face. Earlier today, oil prices hit their lowest levels since 2021, with WTI crude oil falling to $66 and European Brent crude oil falling to $73.

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