More than 40% of respondents agree Bitcoin price surpasses $100,000 in 2021, nearly 70% will hodl if price dumps by 90%

Just like boxing legend Mike Tyson with the question which is better, BTC or ETH, Santiment has published an interesting poll regarding the current market situation of Bitcoin. In it, the research firm asked its 80.8K followers what year they thought Bitcoin price would cross a market price of $100,000 for the first time. The answer was full of surprises.

Bitcoin price will rise $100,000 in 2021: Opinion of more than 40% of Santiment respondents

The topic of the poll is quite interesting with predictions that in what year Bitcoin will break the $ 100,000 mark. There are 4 choices, including in 2021, 2022, 2023 or later, or Never. This Twitter poll instantly gained the attention of a wide audience—in particular, representatives of the crypto community.


Source: Santiment/Twitter 

As of press time, 41.7% of respondents believe that in 2021, BTC will reach $100,000. Meanwhile, with the option Never, only 10.6% of people agree. Meanwhile, nearly 20% think the price of the first cryptocurrency won’t hit the $100,000 mark until 2023 or even later. Nearly 30% of people think BTC will hit a high in 2022.

Another Twitter poll: Nearly 70% would hodl Bitcoin if it drops below $3,000

VanEck’s Director of Digital Assets Strategy, Gabor Gurbacs opened another Twitter survey, deciding how holders would react if BTC dumped 90% of its current price to below $3,000.


Source: Gabor Gurbacs/Twitter

More than 67% of survey participants said they would keep holding Bitcoin if the asset’s price dumps by 90% – but would they really? Although the poll has not finished yet, as of writing these lines, the responses quite clearly confirm that most people would stay strong and hold their assets.

And, potentially seeing BTC holdings undergo a 90% correction could be a challenge, at least for every investor, no matter how experienced he or she is. How long have you been in the market? After all, investing is also a game of psychology and emotions.

The poll is also a topic for discussion. Users shared their thoughts on the current market situation and the fate of the first cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that Bitcoin value forecasts are regularly discussed on various forums, as well as in specialized communities. This is done not only by those who already have this digital asset in their portfolio but also by those who want Bitcoin but are afraid to take the plunge. Recall that in its nearly 10-year history, the first cryptocurrency has never dropped in price significantly. On the contrary, it has shown positive dynamics overall.

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