More OneCoin victims have come forth in Argentina, while the “public face of OneCoin” is in plea talks for a range of charges

OneCoin is indeed a project with longevity. Although constantly being named a project scam, scamming lots of investors’ money, but the number of victims has never decreased. Recently, more victims continue to contact the government of Cordoba, Argentina to resolve the OneCoin related issues.

Many victims of OneCoin have appeared in Argentina, potentially adding weight to the criminal case

OneCoin victims from Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and Entre Ríos have contacted authorities in Cordoba. Eight local OneCoin promoters were arrested in Cordoba earlier this month. Currently, Konstantin Ignatov, Ruja Ignatova, José Gordo, and Eduardo Alejandro Taylor have also been indicted on charges of scammers and fugitives wanted by the Argentine authorities.

Following the arrest, victims from other parts of Argentina reported representatives of Onecoin. Several complaints have been added to the existing Cordoba case, to support initial evidence provided by prosecutors.

Also next week, it is expected that dozens of people from the province of Córdoba will appear in court. They are people who claim to be able to prove themselves victims of cryptocurrency scams. Then the defendant will have the opportunity to defend himself. Based on the course of the hearing, a decision will be made on whether or not they will be detained during Christmas and the New Year.

With Eduardo Alejandro Taylor leaving Argentina for Brazil, it is hoped that, if licensed, appropriate measures will be put in place to ensure future appearances.

Prosecutors believe there are hundreds of OneCoin victims scattered across the country. The total damage across Argentina is thought to be in the millions.

Another suspected player behind OneCoin’s Ponzi scheme is now facing justice

Advisor to marketing expert Karl Sebastian Greenwood and US prosecutors informed Manhattan Judge Edgardo Ramos that the two sides are currently discussing a defense deal for Greenwood.

As you probably know, Greenwood was indicted in 2018 for allegations regarding his participation in the OneCoin Ponzi scheme. He currently faces 5 charges including money laundering, fraud, and conspiracy to appropriate property. Greenwood is responsible for promoting OneCoin and attracting new investments in the project. After that, he and his accomplices participated in scam billions of dollars from investors around the world.

The indictment alleges that Greenwood made false and misleading statements aimed at appealing to individuals around the world, resulting in more than $ 1 billion in investor earnings. He operated outside of Sweden during his time with OneCoin and was arrested in Thailand in 2018.

Greenwood is in jail in Manhattan while he awaits trial or a possible deal. The OneCoin incident and its aftermath have proven to be one of the most tumultuous in crypto history, and an event-based movie will be produced starring Kate Winslett star, together with a BBC series of movies.

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