More crackdowns can be expected if US SEC beats Ripple in its ongoing lawsuit

Pro-crypto lawyer John Deaton has provided an insight into what can happen if the regulator wins, despite his firm belief that Ripple would prevail in its action against the SEC.

According to a tweet from Fox Business correspondent Eleanor Terrett, who provided details regarding the closure of Signature Bank, Deaton tweeted in response to the unjust attempt by regulators to send a message against cryptocurrency.

He asserts that if the court overseeing the Ripple-SEC case concurs with the regulator’s assertions that all transactions using XRP, including those conducted on the secondary market, constitute securities, the regulator will be powerless to resist calls for a crackdown.

According to Deaton, a decision in this manner would provide SEC Chairman Gary Gensler the justification and impetus he needs to file similar lawsuits against businesses engaged in the Web 3.0 industry.

Deaton has been at the forefront of reviving optimism that the Ripple-SEC litigation will result in the former’s favor, given the significance of the decision. In a recent ruling based on the opinion of expert witnesses, the cryptocurrency payments company was awarded a stronger lean than Ripple.

In addition to Deaton, as AZCoin News reported, experienced attorney Scott Chamberlain has predicted that the payments corporation will probably prevail in court. Given that a large portion of XRP transactions took place on offshore exchanges, where the SEC lacks jurisdiction, Scott contended that the majority of the premises upon which the SEC’s claims are based are inadmissible.

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