Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis issued a warning about the email claiming to be from him to scam Bitcoin

Martin Lewis warned social media users about a phishing email circulating in everyone’s email. MoneySavingExpert.com is being impersonated by all kinds of scammers, mainly related to Bitcoin.

Martin Lewis has posted on Twitter to alert people about emails being sent to many users. Emails use celebrity names to authenticate Bitcoin transactions in an effort to push certain Bitcoin programs to other users. The Money Saving Expert urges people to be wary of social media posts that seem to use their names to endorse cryptocurrency transactions.

A Twitter user warned Martin Lewis, by tagging him in a post, that they received an email containing his name and photo promoting Bitcoin.

Now, he tweeted that, by all means, users should ignore every email that contains his photo and name about getting rich through Bitcoin or investing in it for high profits in the future.

In reply to the user, Martin Lewis said: “Be warned any email from me about Bitcoin is BOGUS, BALONEY, and any other similar B word”.

“Ignore, delete, and then wash your hands because these are dirty nasty scammers doing it”.

This is not the first time Martin Lewis’ image has been used in scams

Martin Lewis has become a celebrity whose name and image crypto scammers and regular scammers have frequently enjoyed their use on social media and in email newsletters, over the past few years.

Bitcoin scam ads with images similar to Martin Lewis have continued to appear on social media despite Lewis’s previous efforts to prevent such illegal acts.

After the British financial expert settled a defamation lawsuit against Facebook for displaying unregistered Lewis fake cryptocurrency ads in 2019, new scam ads have now been discovered on Instagram owned by Facebook.

Reported by Twitter user peterfinn5252 on January 7, the deceptive Instagram ad showed Lewis’s face to advertise an article pretending to be published by the major British tabloid newspaper The Mirror.

The fake article, titled Martin Martin Lewis, helped British families with the revolutionary bitcoin home-based opportunity and was red-flagged because it contained another scam of cryptocurrency investment fraud.

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