Mina Protocol Launches Incentivized Testnet: Testworld Mission 2.0

Mina Protocol, a Layer 1 blockchain protocol focused on enhancing efficiency for running decentralized applications (dApps), has recently announced the launch of its Incentivized Testnet, known as Testworld Mission 2.0. This initiative offers a valuable opportunity for validators, zkApp developers, and users to test the Mina blockchain in preparation for an upcoming Hard Fork.

The primary objective of Testworld Mission 2.0 is to rigorously test the network under various conditions and ensure that SnarkyJS and the code related to zkApps function as intended. By accomplishing these goals, Mina Protocol aims to pave the way for the implementation of programmable Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs on the mainnet through zkApps.

To effectively meet these objectives, Testworld Mission 2.0 has been divided into four distinct tracks. The first track, zkApp End-to-End (E2E) Testing, has already been completed, with participation from numerous zkApp developers. The second and third tracks, External Security Auditing and Protocol & Performance Testing, are currently underway, with auditors and node operators already identified.

In track 3, a remarkable response was received, with over 3,300 applications from 70 different countries. Among them, 265 experienced node operators were carefully selected to form the network backbone for Testworld 2.0.

The final track, Preparation for the Hard Fork, is scheduled to commence soon, enabling participants to prepare for the upcoming transition. This phase is crucial for ensuring a smooth and successful migration to the updated version of the Mina blockchain.

Protocol and performance testing is expected to go live in the near future and will run for approximately two months. During this period, validators, zkApp developers, and users will actively engage with the Testnet to assess its capabilities, identify potential vulnerabilities, and provide valuable feedback to enhance the overall functionality and security of the Mina Protocol.

Mina’s Incentivized Testnet, Testworld Mission 2.0, marks a significant milestone in the development and advancement of the protocol. Through this initiative, Mina aims to build a robust and efficient blockchain infrastructure, equipped with programmable ZK proofs, to empower the future of decentralized applications.

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