MimbleWimble developer David Burkett shared an updated roadmap of MimbleWimble implementation

Litecoin’s MimbleWimble integration took a big step forward when David Burkett, Grin ++, and Litecoin developer revealed that the first MimbleWimble trial would be released in September 2020.

As you know, MimbleWimble, a privacy-focused protocol that will obfuscate transactions in the Litecoin network.

Litecoin network received immense backlash from the community

The Litecoin network led by Charlie Lee has been researching and implementing the MimbleWimble (MW) protocol online. However, the network received a backlash when the community was concerned about converting LTC into a private currency. However, Lee’s tendency to deploy MimbleWimble while using the extension blocks to resolve privacy as well as scalability issues seemed to be stronger than the FUD that spread.

The project took off on December 29, 2019, and Burkett updated the community with details of MimbleWimble’s progress each month.

Updating the month May’s progress, Burkett wrote:

“Completed finished implementing the AcceptBlock and ConnectBlock integration logic, meaning that when a MimbleWimble block is received, it will be fully validated, added to the chain, and the UTXO set will be updated.”

In addition, he started working with mempool logic, which is a more important step for integrating MimbleWimble into the Litecoin network. Now Burkett has a clear improvement plan in the next three months.

As per Burkett, in June, to confirm that all the pieces function together, the mempool logic will be wrapped up, and mining of valid chains with MW extension blocks will progress.

Elaborating on July’s agenda which focused on the initial block download, he stated:

“The way initial block download is handled in Mimblewimble is quite a bit different than how Litecoin does it. In LTC, every single block from the genesis block is downloaded and validated in order. With MimbleWimble, we don’t need the whole history, but instead only parts of each transaction, and all of the unspent outputs. There are two very different syncing approaches work smoothly together.”

Later in August, the block logic will be disconnected, and in September, the first MimbleWimble testnet will roll out.

Previously, the network started a crowdfunding system to fund Grin ++ developer David Burkett to work on implementing MimbleWimble along with extension blocks into the network. The system raised about 972.83 LTC since December.

Charlie Lee acknowledged the Burkett’s progress on Twitter as he tweeted:

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