MicroStrategy raised an additional $ 600 million to buy Bitcoin – BTC price set a historic at $ 50,000

MicroStrategy today announced plans to issue $ 600 million of convertible bonds maturing in 2027 to raise more capital to buy Bitcoin in the near future.

MicroStrategy raised an additional $ 600 million in capital to buy Bitcoin

According to the company’s statement, the entire $ 600 million raised from this bond sale will be used to continue pursuing its investment strategy in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the near future. These bonds will pay interest twice a year, on February 15 and August 15, until their maturity is in 2027.

In particular, MicroStrategy is also expected to include an additional $ 90 million bond purchase interest for investors during the first 13-day period since the bond issue. The above proposal will be subject to the market situation and not fully guaranteed as the main proposal mentioned earlier.

The announcement was announced on MicroStrategy’s CEO Twitter channel, Michael Saylor.

As usual, below the announcement, MicroStrategy always attaches semantic recommendations of words like “expect”, “aim”, “plan”, “plan”, … that these are claims. in the future.

MicroStrategy also issued a bond to buy Bitcoin in early December, with a total value of $ 650 million. The investment firm has since then made other BTC purchases, with a value of $ 10 million.

After this information was released, Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed, and for the first time in 12 years of history, it surpassed $ 50,000. Market excitement then sent BTC to a new ATH peak (as of press time) of $ 50,689.

The cryptocurrency’s capitalization has also peaked at $ 927 billion – only a short distance away before Bitcoin joins the world’s trillion-dollar asset club.

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