MicroStrategy has purchased another 253 Bitcoins at an average price of $59,339, coming close to holding 100,000 BTC

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced via Twitter that the company bought 253 more Bitcoins for an average price of around $ 59,339. With this latest acquisition, MicroStrategy is holding about 91,579 BTC in total.

MicroStrategy bought an additional 253 Bitcoin, which is about to hold nearly 100,000 BTC

The previous purchase of BTC by the company took place on March 5, when MicroStrategy added 205 bitcoins (worth about $ 10 million at the time).

On February 24, the company bought an astonishing amount of Bitcoin, up to 19,452, or about 1,026 billion, adding BTC to its balance sheet.

CEO Michael Saylor has become one of the most influential Bitcoin evangelizers recently after MicroStrategy started taking over BTC last August. Earlier, Saylor tweeted that his duty was to fix the world’s balance sheet. He even admitted that his tweet helped Elon Musk make his decision to allocate $ 1.5 billion of Tesla capital into Bitcoin.

In his interview, Saylor declined to comment on whether or not they had any closed-door conversations with Musk that extend beyond the tweet.

“As a public-company CEO, I can’t comment on any conversation I would have with another public company officer. It’s against business etiquette.”

However, he does believe that the Twitter exchange impacted the decision to convert a significant portion of Tesla’s cash to Bitcoin.

After describing Bitcoin as the “Google of money,” Saylor also went on to compare its invention to electricity:

“Thomas Kuhn said when you come up with a new paradigm, a completely utterly revolutionary way to see the world, the establishment doesn’t normally accept it.”

He believes that a new generation will embrace Bitcoin unless there is some black swan event that accelerates this process.

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