Metropolitan Museum of Art to Return $550,000 in FTX Donations

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, situated on the eastern edge of New York City’s Central Park, has agreed to return hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations it received from FTX.

The decision comes as part of a growing trend of organizations and individuals seeking to distance themselves from FTX’s tainted reputation, and it follows negotiations in the FTX Debtors’ Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

Return of Donations

According to court documents filed on Friday, if the agreement reached with FTX Debtors is approved, The Met will ultimately return a total of $550,000 in donations. The museum aims to disassociate itself from the funds tainted by FTX, under the leadership of its founder and former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. The motion filed by The Met states that the decision to return the donations is a result of “good faith, arm’s length negotiations” conducted by both parties involved.

Background on Donations

The donations in question were made by West Realm Shires Services, the company that operated FTX.US, an FTX-branded exchange focused on serving U.S. customers. FTX.US, along with its international counterpart, faced a collapse in November of the previous year. In March of that year, West Realm Shires Services initially donated $300,000 to The Met. Subsequently, in May, an additional donation of $250,000 was made.

Growing Concerns and Disavowal of Tainted Funds

The decision by The Met to return the donations reflects a broader trend among institutions and individuals who are reevaluating their association with funds derived from questionable sources. As the digital asset industry has faced increased scrutiny and regulatory challenges, organizations are becoming more cautious about accepting funds that could tarnish their reputation or raise ethical concerns.

FTX’s Bankruptcy Case

The return of donations by The Met comes in the context of FTX’s ongoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The court’s approval of the agreement between The Met and FTX Debtors is crucial for the return of the funds. This move represents a step forward in resolving FTX’s financial troubles and underscores the willingness of both parties to reach a mutually beneficial solution.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s decision to return the donations it received from FTX highlights the growing sensitivity towards tainted funds in the current landscape. By disavowing these donations, The Met reinforces its commitment to maintaining an impeccable reputation and adhering to ethical standards.

This development serves as a reminder to other organizations to carefully assess the sources of their funding to avoid potential controversies and public backlash. As FTX’s bankruptcy case unfolds, it remains to be seen how other entities connected to the exchange will handle similar situations and respond to the evolving expectations of their stakeholders.

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