MetaMask Improves Wallet Experience with More Control and Transparency on Mobile and Extension

MetaMask has recently released updates to its mobile app and browser extension, offering its users more control and transparency over their wallet experience. These updates aim to improve load times, optimize wallet usage, and enhance privacy and security.

MetaMask Mobile now features a revamped user interface that allows users to toggle between their wallet and browser in a single tap. It also provides more control and transparency when connecting or disconnecting accounts to dapps.

Previously, when connecting to a dapp, all accounts in the user’s wallet would be automatically linked, but now users have the option to choose which accounts to connect with and disconnecting individual accounts is more straightforward.

Furthermore, MetaMask Mobile now maintains each account and dapp connection separately in browser tabs, allowing for better control over usage. For example, users can use one account as a public-facing account associated with their ENS, while using another account for their private DeFi activities. This separation means that the two accounts won’t be linked to each other, providing more privacy and security.

The updated MetaMask Extension, on the other hand, focuses on providing users with more control over their data and limiting the amount of user data sent to third-party services. Users can now choose any RPC provider during onboarding and opt-out of MetaMask’s default, Infura. They can also disable certain features that send requests to third-party APIs under the “Advanced configuration” settings.

The updates to the MetaMask wallet experience align with the company’s values of providing true ownership and privacy to its users. MetaMask aims to be the standard bearer across crypto wallets for user privacy and security, and data exploitation goes against its core values.

MetaMask also emphasizes that it is committed to protecting its users’ privacy, ensuring that they cannot be exploited by centralized entities. The updates to MetaMask Mobile and Extension provide its users with more agency over their data, offering a better user experience and enhanced privacy and security.

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