MetaMask has revealed plans for a possible token release and airdrop

On August 27th, the MetaMask team discussed the potential plans for token release in the first community conference call.

For your information, MetaMask is a browser extension designed to make accessing Ethereum’s Dapp ecosystem easier. It also serves as a wallet for holding ERC-20 tokens allowing users to access services built on the network via the wallet.

The MetaMask team is working on a “compelling use case” for a native token

In the first-ever community call of MetaMask, the development team discussed potential plans for an eventual token release. In it, MetaMask senior software engineer Erik Marks said that they’re open to token issuance and airdrops. However, they have no immediate plans.

“MetaMask is absolutely open to the idea of making the project community-owned”, Marks stated through the introduction of a crypto token.

However, they don’t have immediate plans right now because the team doesn’t want to create a useless token with no use case.

“We don’t want to create a token that doesn’t have a use case. We want the use case to be compelling”, he added.

Furthermore, just like some other cases, pump and dump are bound to happen. Although opening an ICO is simple, the community will most likely pump the price for the MetaMask token, and then, “some people will sell it, and it will be dumped”.  In addition, MetaMask is also developing new features that allow assets to cross-chain between different chains and Layer 2 solutions.

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