Meta (formerly Facebook) ended the ban they once put into place for crypto ads

Meta (formerly Facebook) has announced a new policy for crypto advertising on its platform. Accordingly, as AZCoin News reported, Google effectively ended the ban it had imposed on such ads. It shows the maturity of the market and the regulatory measures as the reason behind the change.

Meta (Facebook) effectively ends cryptocurrency ads ban

Meta has finally ended its crypto advertising ban with an expansion of the regulatory licenses it accepts. The number of licenses it accepts is now 27 instead of three. The ban was issued when the company was still known as Facebook. The announcement came via a blog post on the platform’s site to start December.


Source: Facebook

A similar example of this occurred in recent months Google shifted their cryptocurrency ad policy, which seemed to show a slight increase in favorability when it comes to crypto platforms advertising on Google channels.

In the post titled “Expanding Eligibility to Run Ads About Cryptocurrency,” the company talks about how increased market maturity and regulatory measures have convinced it to change its stance. Before the new policy, companies would have to apply information such as licenses obtained and public information about the business.

The crypto community certainly has a close relationship with Meta regarding its activities as a social media company and its crypto-related channels. However, lifting the ban will make some people happy, increasing the public’s exposure to the market.

Facebook itself is also gearing up for a metaverse project, which has naturally attracted headlines inside and outside the crypto space. Meanwhile, Diem, the stablecoin project Meta has been working on for over a year, seems to be in a lull. There have been some reports that the company will launch this property later this year. However, recent reports do not show much optimism.

While Diem seems to be a thing of the past, Meta is preparing to enter the metaverse. The company’s announcement of its effort sparked a frenzy for related projects, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox.

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