Messari Forecast: Solana and AI Tokens Steer Crypto Holdings for 2024

In a recent report released by the Messari data platform, analysts have unveiled their perspectives on the trends anticipated for the year 2024, indicating a prevailing interest in Solana and AI-related tokens.

Spanning pages 25 to 29 within its extensive 196-page dossier, researchers at Messari’s on-chain data analysis platform have disclosed their portfolio holdings of cryptocurrencies, alongside predictions for market trends in 2024. Notably, a majority of the researchers are currently invested in Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), and AI-centric tokens such as Autonolas (OLAS), Akash Network (AKT), Fusotao (TAO), and Render (RNDR). Despite Messari’s reported bearish outlook on Ethereum (ETH), a significant portion of the researchers still maintain holdings in this coin.

Furthermore, Messari’s researchers have expressed optimism towards the prospects of DePin projects (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks), considering them as the next stage in the evolution of the Internet of Things, poised to enhance the foundational infrastructure of blockchain technology. The convergence between blockchain and AI technologies has also received favorable assessment from Messari.

Regarding potential trends that might face setbacks in 2024, some responses from analysts were associated with projects like SocialFi friend.tech, meme coins such as PEPE, and even the blockchain platform Cosmos (ATOM).

Messari’s comprehensive insights shed light on the shifting landscapes within the cryptocurrency market, indicating a strong focus on Solana and AI-driven tokens among analysts while also emphasizing the potential disruptions and challenges that could arise for certain trends in the coming year. The convergence of blockchain with emerging technologies like AI and the evolution of infrastructure projects continue to drive excitement and speculation within the crypto space as the industry evolves rapidly.

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