MenaPay stablecoin makes it possible for Twitch users to tip streamers

MenaPay, the company that provides mobile payment services, has started to provide support for using Twitch by using their cryptocurrency MenaCash stablecoin.

According to a press release shared on December 27, MenaPay, which uses blockchain technology to provide services, overhauled its mobile app to include support for Twitch donations.

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Twitch viewers can now use their MenaPay mobile app to tip their favorite Twitch players while watching their stream with MenaCash, a pegged USD stablecoin built by the same team. The initiative comes weeks after MenaPay began allowing streamers to use the MenaPay app to receive donations through a blockchain-based platform.

The digital gaming industry has grown into a huge online space where more than 3.7 million streamers share their experiences with audiences on Twitch.

Viewers have the option to support their favorite streaming content providers by rewarding while viewing real-time content or signing up for paid subscriptions. MenaPay also facilitates almost real-time payments to Twitch streamers via QR codes.

MenaPay CEO Cagla Gul Senkardes explained how the company benefits the gaming community through blockchain technology.

Amazon-owned Twitch quietly brings in bitcoin payments

Twitch, Amazon’s leading gaming-streaming platform, allows payments in bitcoin and bitcoin cash payment again, according to a June 25 report.

In March, Twitch silently removed bitcoin and bitcoin cash as payment options for subscriptions by removing Bitpay as a payment method. According to the report, Bitpay has been reactivated as a payment processor on the platform.

Bitcoin and bitcoin cash can be found as payment options in the section dedicated to the less popular payment methods of the registration payment page. The permission to renew these currencies as payment options have not been published on the company’s blog or in a press release.

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