Memecoins Take Off as Developers Get Serious: A Look at the Current Landscape

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, the rise of “memecoins” has captured both the attention and skepticism of investors and enthusiasts alike. These digital assets, often inspired by internet memes and jokes, have been dismissed by some as mere fads or distractions in the crypto space. However, recent developments suggest that memecoins might be shedding their whimsical reputation and transitioning into a more serious realm.

According to Kaiko Research, a prominent cryptocurrency data provider, the memecoin market has experienced a notable shift in recent weeks. One memecoin that’s been making waves is SHIB, the Shiba Inu-inspired token that has gained considerable popularity. Its developers are now making strides to transform SHIB into more than just a viral sensation.

The announcement of a new protocol for digital identity marks a significant step forward for SHIB’s developers, signaling their intent to establish a more substantial foundation for the token. Additionally, they’ve commenced testing for a bridge to the Ethereum network, a move that could potentially enhance SHIB’s interoperability and expand its use cases.

Notably, SHIB has demonstrated resilience and growth in the market, with its value soaring by 25% since the beginning of July. This surge is indicative of the increasing interest and confidence in the token’s potential.

Despite these positive developments, the memecoin market has seen its fair share of challenges. One such hurdle is the discrepancy between price surges and trade volume. While Twitter-related catalysts led to a doubling of DOGE’s trade volume to $8 billion in July, SHIB’s trade volume remained stagnant at $1.7 billion. This paradox hints at the complex nature of memecoin trading and its reliance on both social media trends and genuine utility.

The upcoming Shibarium upgrade, aimed at tackling network congestion and scalability issues, is expected to make SHIB more appealing to potential users and investors. However, the journey to establishing legitimacy is not without obstacles. PEPE, once positioned as the third-largest meme token by market cap, has encountered a setback, with trade volumes plummeting by 70% compared to the highs of May.

A closer look at the market share of major memecoins offers insights into the current landscape. DOGE, the iconic Shiba Inu meme-inspired token, maintains its dominance with a commanding 60% market share. SHIB and PEPE, both hovering around 18% market share as of end-July, represent noteworthy contenders in the memecoin arena.

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