McAfee released innovation called BuyCongressmen, tokenize US Congressmen and allow them to trade on McAfee DEX

Before launching his crypto platform, John McAfee, the former antivirus software tycoon John McAfee, planned to release a decentralized exchange called McAfee DEX that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. According to McAfee, the exchange will have no restrictions. And the “unrestricted” point of McAfee DEX is that he even provides tokenized US congressmen on the platform.

Is this the beginning of decentralized politics?

John McAfee has long been known to be an impressive figure in the cryptocurrency market. Initially, he was known for establishing the McAfee antivirus program. Now, he is famous for his speeches, Bitcoin sock predictions, and ambition to participate in the 2020 presidential campaign and evading the US government.

Recently, McAfee also revealed a few projects that he participated in or directly developed. These projects include the Epstein-related “whacked” token and McAfee DEX. In particular, he has released its latest product in the cryptocurrency market, a project called BuyCongressmen.

McAfee released innovation called BuyCongressmen

Blockchain has long been considered a solution to many problems beyond value transfer. Some people have started using Blockchain to improve supply chains and logistics, as proof of ownership. Some even use Blockchain to improve transparency in elections. And it seems that he has released a new project that aims to test the popularity of parliamentary members on the Blockchain.

McAfee’s new platform will tokenize all 535 members of parliament and allow them to trade publicly on McAfee DEX.

Referring to how the system works, he explained as follows:

“The tokens are trackable, beginning with one per registered voter per politician. Politician supporters are motivated to keep the value if their ‘Man’ high. Watch as tokens are purchased – beginning with small batches then. Power accumulates through money. Now with names. Every token comes with one vote. Tokens may be bought and sold. The vote remains with the original owner of the token. Forever.”

This may be McAfee’s most exciting and ambitious cryptocurrency project to date. Hypothetically, it could help assess the popularity of political candidates in Congress. Also, a contest was announced for a massive amount of 1,000 DAI ($ 1,000) to predict the price of Bernie Sanders & Nancy Pelosi’s tokens for a month.

These tokens can give cryptocurrency traders a reason to try McAfee DEX because they are only available there for now.

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