Matic Network has integrated Chainlink natively on its mainnet

Ethereum sidechain Matic Network has integrated Chainlink natively on its mainnet. Five price feeds have already been launched on the Matic mainnet: MATIC/USD, USDC/USD, ETH/USD, USDT/USD, and DAI/USD, according to the announcement on November 19.

Chainlink oracles can now be used by Matic’s growing DeFi ecosystem to maintain collateralization, minting and swapping synthetic assets at fair market prices, settling prediction markets, & more.

Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) will also be launching in the near future on Matic Network to support a new wave of scalable gaming applications reliant on provably fair randomness, the blog said.

Chainlink will also be available as a general-purpose oracle solution for connecting to any off-chain API, empowering the development of virtually any externally connected blockchain application.

Chainlink is a key cornerstone of the DeFi ecosystem and beyond, already securing over $4B of value for startup and major DeFi protocols, including AAVE and Synthetix.

“We’re confident that Chainlink Price Feeds are an optimal solution for Matic DeFi developers needing secure, reliable, and ready made oracle solutions that can easily be integrated into their protocols. This both accelerates their go-to market timelines and helps them avoid the many pitfalls of trying to build their own oracle solutions or relying on unproven alternatives.” the company’s blog said.

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