DEX Matcha Unveils Latest Version with New Transaction Mode and Enhanced Trading Experience

Matcha, the decentralized platform for searching and trading tokens, has just released its latest version, packed with new features and improvements. The Matcha team is thrilled to share the updates, which include the introduction of a proprietary transaction mode called Matcha Auto and the broadest token availability in the web3 ecosystem.

The primary goal of Matcha has always been to provide users with a seamless and frictionless experience when it comes to searching and trading tokens. With the new version, Matcha takes this mission to the next level, thanks to valuable insights gained from over 79,000 signups for Matcha’s closed beta and extensive feedback from users.

One of the standout features of the latest Matcha release is the new transaction mode called Matcha Auto. Developed using 0x’s Tx Relay API, Matcha Auto offers faster trade confirmation and eliminates failed trades while maintaining competitive prices. By leveraging Matcha Auto, users can experience trade confirmations at an accelerated pace, avoiding transaction delays in the mempool and ensuring they can capitalize on market movements promptly.

Additionally, Matcha Auto significantly reduces failed trades, with a success rate of 98.5%, compared to the average failure rates of leading DEX apps, which hover around 8-10% and can spike up to 20% during network congestion. Matcha handles the gas fees, embedding them into the trade and covering re-submission costs, providing users with a worry-free trading experience.

In terms of token availability, Matcha has made tremendous strides. The latest version indexes over 3.7 million tokens, a remarkable increase of 330 times compared to the previous version. This means that users can easily search and trade even the newest tokens within minutes of their launch, all while benefiting from Matcha’s aggregated liquidity.

Additionally, Matcha has implemented a comprehensive search engine that accounts for the multifaceted, multi-chain reality of popular tokens. Users can find all relevant tokens across different chains, ensuring a truly comprehensive trading experience.

Matcha’s liquidity coverage has also expanded significantly, with an increase of 47% in the number of liquidity sources. Users now have access to more than 100 DEXs across eight chains, allowing them to capitalize on market opportunities at scale. Some of the notable liquidity sources added include TraderJoe (Liquidity Book), QuickSwap (V3), KyberSwap (Elastic), Velodrome, and WooFi, among others.

The latest Matcha version not only offers technical improvements but also enhances the user experience. Users can enjoy a faster and smarter search function, personalized recommendations based on their trading history, and a sleek and intuitive interface.

Matcha now supports Limit Orders on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain, providing more trading options to users. Additionally, the introduction of gas-free token approvals enables users to grant Matcha access to their tokens without spending any gas, streamlining the approval process within the same swap transaction.

Matcha’s brand identity has also received a refresh, aligning with the updated brand pillars and visual identity of the platform. The team remains committed to continuous development and is already working on the next roadmap evolution, with a sneak peek into the potential leveraging of the latest advancements in the MEV space.

Since its inception, Matcha has facilitated over $56 billion in traded volume across more than 1.3 million trades, solidifying its position as the flagship consumer product by the 0x team. With its unparalleled token availability, extensive liquidity coverage, and innovative features like Matcha Auto, Matcha continues to be a leading platform in the crypto trading ecosystem.

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