Massive amounts of Cardano being moved on network, which could be sign of volatility spike in future

After its recent upswing that began in early March, Cardano (ADA) appears to be sitting on a solid support. This trend could pave the way for a sizeable long-term reversal that ADA hasn’t seen in around two years. According to the most recent price performance, ADA has increased in value by more than 18% in the last two weeks, with a 1% increase in the last 24 hours.

Cardano network activity skyrocketed yesterday, with 204 billion ADA moved. This substantial rise in transaction volume demonstrates increased interest in the smart contract platform and could be related to various factors. Given Cardano’s recent price spike, a welcome change after months of stagnation, some investors may be taking profits.

One probable explanation for the rise in large transactions on the Cardano network is increased usage of the platform’s smart contract capabilities. As more businesses and developers use Cardano, the demand for ADA tokens rises.


ADA/USD 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

This increasing demand, combined with the asset’s recent price gain, may have spurred investors to shift huge amounts of ADA, adding to the surge in network activity. At the time of writing, ADA is changing hands at $0.358.

The increased network activity could be due to the Cardano ecosystem’s expectation of future improvements. With planned enhancements and partnerships, investors may position themselves to gain from possible asset value development. As a result, massive network transactions may indicate investors altering their holdings in anticipation of these events.

Cardano has entered uptrend, but it is not yet determined…

The strong support level established during ADA’s local rise may be an essential foundation for the asset as it strives to break out of its multi-year slump. If Cardano can keep its price above this level, it will build confidence in investors and traders, drawing more buyers and pushing the price even higher. This situation might result in a significant bullish reversal, which the cryptocurrency has anticipated.

Cardano’s recent price surge has been supported by several good developments within the project, boosting investor confidence even more. One such development is the prolonged bull market in the United States, spurred by the bank run. According to reports, many investors see digital assets as a safe haven during traditional markets and banking instability.

When the value of ADA rises, it is critical to monitor important technical indications and levels, such as its present support level, to assess whether the asset is headed for a long-term reversal. If Cardano can maintain its momentum and successfully break over major resistance levels, it might herald the start of a new era of growth for the cryptocurrency.

Profit-taking by investors is another possible explanation for the significant increase in transaction volume. After months of poor performance, the current uptick in Cardano’s price has been a welcome change, and some investors may be taking advantage of the opportunity to profit while it lasts. Profit-taking may occur in huge network transactions when investors shift their ADA tokens to exchanges or other platforms to cash out.

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