Mask Network held an Initial Twitter Offering last week to launch MASK token, prepare an airdrop worth $ 30 million

Recently, the project Mask Network just announced it will airdrop about $ 30 million MASK tokens from UTC +8 (7 PM EST today and 11 AM Beijing time February 27).

Mask Network held an Initial Twitter Offering last week to launch its MASK token, prepare an airdrop worth $ 28 million

Mask Network is a browser extension that creates an easy-to-use bridge between Web 3 technologies with Twitter and Facebook. There are very few such airdrop token decision-making projects after the biggest token price drop to date when Uniswap distributed around 100 million tokens in 2020 after its rival SushiSwap started challenging the position. the market of OG DEX.

But that record may have been challenged on Feb. 21 when Mask, a web3.0 protocol that allows users to send encrypted messages and transact tokens directly on social media, offering an Initial Twitter Offering (ITO). The ITO, deployed in three rounds to attract investors from all time zones, sold 3% of the $ MASK it holds in its reserves. According to Suji Yan, founder of Mask Network, ITO has sold out, earning nearly $ 3 million.

The time until the token launch also generated an unusual amount of public opinion. Mask’s Telegram account actually exploded with a large influx of new participants. So many investors rushed to buy their token on Twitter and it crashed Mask Network QuikNode’s Ethereum RPC provider. Its liquidity startup team on the Balancer – a mechanism that allows tokens to discover their fair market prices – has risen from $ 3 to $ 13. Usually, the LBP price detector tends to move downwards to find its market price.

Even Mask’s Medium account is suspended due to unusual traffic. The airdrop token program aims to reward early adopters of the decentralized web. Yan said a total of $ 1.86 million MASK will be reduced to 16,8000 addresses. At the time of this writing, the airdrop will be worth $ 28 million.

According to the information from the project, the airdrop token conditions are as follows:

  • Donors to Mask’s Gitcoin grants (before 01/01/2021). The more one donated, the more $MASK one will receive.
  • Voters who participated in token projects’ governance such as Maker, Compound, AAVE, and Curve. The votes one has cast, the more $MASK one will receive.
  • Any ENS address that’s been linked to a Twitter account.
  • People who used Mask to participate in its Red Packet, NFT, or ITO.
  • Participants in Round 3 of Mask’s ITO.

Mask states that if a user does not request their airdrop token within 24 hours, the amount can claim a 20% discount per day. Mask hopes to use his token to teach newbies how to join the web3.0 economy without leaving their comfortable web2.0 Twitter homepage.

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