Margin trading is now available on Coinbase Pro in 23 U.S states with 3x leverage

Coinbase has launched margin trading for users of its cryptocurrency trading platform, Coinbase Pro. Both individual and institutional investors in selected regions now have access to Coinbase margin trading. The company plans to expand access to more areas and provide more types of collateral.

Margin is one of the most requested features of the exchange. Trading margin (or leverage) can amplify the impact of your trades by allowing you to borrow more money.
If implemented as part of a responsible trading strategy, margin trading not only increases a trader’s position in a particular trade but can also help to diversify portfolios, allow hedging or arbitration on multiple positions without sending additional capital.

Margin trading Coinbase pro featured

To be eligible for margin trading, individuals must live in one of the 23 states where the platform currently offers this feature. For institutional clients, they must be based in one of 43 countries or nine countries where it provides deposits to organizations presently.

The platform claims to have more than 30 million users trading over $ 150 billion. Coinbase previously offered margin trading of up to 3x leverage through the GDAX platform, but the service was later suspended. Launched in 2015, GDAX is the company’s professional trading platform for individuals; It became Coinbase Pro in May 2018.

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