Marathon Digital Mines 1,202 Bitcoins in October, Sells 961 to Offset Costs, and Holds 13,396 BTC

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA) unveiled its unaudited Bitcoin production numbers for the month of October 2023. The report highlights not only the impressive quantity of Bitcoins mined but also Marathon’s ambitious expansion plans to further solidify its position in the Bitcoin mining sector.

Marathon reported an impressive production of 1,202 Bitcoins in the month of October. The company’s mining activities have been distributed across various locations, with notable sites in Texas and North Dakota. These efforts reflect a substantial increase in Bitcoin production compared to the previous year, demonstrating the company’s growth in the cryptocurrency mining space.

Marathon made headlines by opting to sell 961 Bitcoins to cover direct expenses related to its operations. This decision showcases the company’s ability to strategically manage its Bitcoin holdings to ensure the sustainability of its operations and financial health.

One of the highlights of the report is Marathon’s significant increase in its energized hash rate, which now stands at an impressive 19.2 exahashes. This growth can be attributed to the successful launch of the Garden City, Texas facility, where 4.1 exahashes of miners have been installed. Once this facility is fully operational, Marathon is set to exceed its target of 23 exahashes, positioning it as the largest publicly traded Bitcoin miner in North America.

Furthering its expansion efforts, Marathon is also making strides in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 2.3 exahashes now online in Abu Dhabi. The company expects to have the full 7.0 exahashes in the UAE online by the end of the year.

Marathon’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in its announcement of new mining methods. The company is exploring innovative ways to mine Bitcoin, which not only diversify its operations but also reduce energy costs and increase the use of sustainable energy sources. The pilot project in Utah, powered exclusively by landfill methane gas, is a prime example of how Marathon is aligning its operations with environmentally friendly practices.

Marathon’s forward-thinking approach to incorporating stranded methane gas into its energy mix underscores the company’s dedication to responsible and sustainable cryptocurrency mining.

Financially, Marathon Digital Holdings continues to strengthen its position. The company’s total cash, cash equivalents, and restricted cash have surged to $156.1 million, an impressive 156% increase from the previous year. Meanwhile, its total Bitcoin holdings have risen to 13,396 unrestricted Bitcoins, representing a 19% increase year-over-year.

Marathon Digital Holdings has also scheduled a Special Meeting of Shareholders for November 10, 2023, to consider and vote on various corporate proposals. This event will be crucial for shareholders as they evaluate Marathon’s future plans and strategies.

Marathon Digital Holdings emphasizes the importance of carefully assessing risks and uncertainties associated with investing in their securities. The company also provides forward-looking statements about its future, emphasizing the importance of considering unforeseen factors and market conditions that may affect their business operations.

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