Many people are questioning why Ripple agreed to the schedule, here’s the reason

According to the lawyer who closely follows the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC, James K. Filan, it is pretty standard for Ripple agreed to the schedule that Judge Torres had granted the SEC’s Motion for Extension Time to file its Objection to Magistrate Judge Netburn’s DPP Ruling.

“My gut feeling is that there was a trade-off: a longer briefing schedule but eliminating the pre-motion Rule 56 practice. If Ripple disagreed, there would be more scheduling disputes that, in my estimation, would have taken up even more time, and Ripple would have lost that battle if the past is any guide. Then the motion schedule would have gone well into 2023. This was a very smart move by Ripple in locking in this schedule”, he stated.

In another development, parties file joint scheduling letter proposing opening briefs for summary judgment and expert challenges in August and closing briefs a few days before Christmas.

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