Magic Eden Launches Solana Aggregator, Revolutionizing NFT Trading Experience

Magic Eden has recently introduced the Magic Eden Solana Aggregator. This innovative tool aims to optimize the trading experience for buyers and sellers by consolidating listings from various key Solana NFT platforms. With enhanced navigational capabilities and simplified management features, Magic Eden’s Solana Aggregator empowers users to discover, trade, and efficiently manage their NFTs across multiple marketplaces.

Effortless Buying and Sweeping Across Platforms

The Magic Eden Solana Aggregator provides users with a seamless and hassle-free experience when buying and sweeping listings from different marketplaces. By aggregating listings, this powerful tool enables buyers to explore a broader selection of NFTs conveniently from one unified interface. Users can effortlessly discover floor prices and holder statistics across various platforms, allowing them to make informed decisions and capitalize on exciting trading opportunities.

Marketplace Logos Enhance Trading Experience

Magic Eden understands the importance of visual cues in the trading process. While the marketplace logos are disabled by default, users have the option to easily enable them to enrich their trading experience.

By following a few simple steps, users can activate marketplace logos and have them displayed at the top left of each listing on the Collection page. Additionally, even if the marketplace logo setting is switched off, users can hover over the information icon on each listing to identify the marketplace where the NFT is listed.

Effortless NFT Listing Management

Selling NFTs becomes a breeze with the Magic Eden Solana Aggregator. Users can conveniently view their NFTs listed on external platforms and effortlessly cancel those listings, subsequently relisting them on Magic Eden with just a few clicks. The user-friendly interface allows users to directly cancel listings from other marketplaces without the need to navigate away from Magic Eden. Furthermore, sellers gain greater flexibility and control over their listings by easily adjusting the price of their NFTs within Magic Eden, delisting them from external platforms, and relisting them on Magic Eden with the desired price.

Limited Time Offer: -0.25% Maker Fees

To further entice users to explore the Magic Eden Solana Aggregator, the platform is currently offering a limited-time promotion of -0.25% maker fees. This means that when listing, making offers, or creating pools on Magic Eden’s Automated Market Maker (AMM), users can enjoy reduced fees, providing an added incentive to engage with the platform and take advantage of its advanced features.


The introduction of the Magic Eden Solana Aggregator marks a significant milestone in the evolution of NFT trading. With its comprehensive features, such as effortless buying and sweeping, marketplace logo enablement, and simplified NFT listing management, Magic Eden aims to enhance users’ ability to navigate, discover, trade, and manage their NFTs efficiently across multiple platforms. Coupled with the limited-time offer of reduced maker fees, Magic Eden presents an enticing proposition for NFT enthusiasts seeking an optimized trading experience.

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