Magic Eden Launches Launchpad for Ordinals NFT Creators

Magic Eden has announced the launch of its Ordinals Launchpad to help creators successfully register their Bitcoin NFT collections on the platform.

Magic Eden is a well-known NFT platform that has sold out over 300 projects and is now branching out to support the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem with its new Ordinals Launchpad. The launchpad has already partnered with 17 ETH Launchpad creators and will be providing all ETH Launchpad partners with royalties and a 2% fee for the first six months.

Magic Eden’s CEO and Co-founder, Zhuoxun Yin, believes that supporting Bitcoin NFT creators will promote the development of a larger market for encrypted assets on the Bitcoin network. “Bitcoin is at the forefront of all blockchains, and we believe it can be the home of pure digital artworks. With Ordinals, content can be stored permanently, and Magic Eden is proud to support creators and the Ordinals community in developing together,” Yin said.

The Ordinals Launchpad has several options for ETH creators to collaborate with Magic Eden, such as launching their project on the platform using the custom contract or bringing their own contract. Creators can also launch on Ordinals with Magic Eden, with deeper integrations for collections looking for a platform partner. The platform also offers the opportunity to create content with Magic Eden.

To kick off the launch, Magic Eden is offering two free ETH mints today, with 17 partner collections launching with them through the end of April. The Bitcoin Launchpad will go live tomorrow, allowing users to mint, buy and sell NFTs across four chains on Magic Eden.

Magic Eden’s ETH platform is still an MVP, but more features will be added soon. The platform plans to aggregate ETH platforms soon to provide a full view of the market, with royalties being respected on native Magic Eden listings. Additionally, the platform is developing NFT use cases outside of trading.

In conclusion, Magic Eden’s Ordinals Launchpad is a significant development in the world of Bitcoin NFTs, providing creators with new opportunities to showcase their work on a reputable platform. The launchpad will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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